Extravasation of adhering vesicles

C Tordeux, J.-B Fournier
2002 Europhysics letters  
We study how the passage of lipid vesicles through a small pore can be induced by the difference in non-specific adhesion energy between the two sides of the substrate bearing the pore. This process is inspired from the extravasation of cells or liposomes from blood vessels, which involves adhesion binders. We study the adhesion-dominated regime and we show that the passage of a vesicle of volume V and area A is selective in terms of the reduced volume v ∼ V /A 3/2 . Extravasation occurs for
more » ... esion ratios of order unity. We also consider the possibility of pressure-induced extravasation in the presence of adhesion. Finally, we propose a micro-device based on adhesion-induced extravasation, which is designed to sort vesicles according to their deflatedness.
doi:10.1209/epl/i2002-00299-3 fatcat:kqhspfzmjnfbhbn7pku2o2xwyi