Cultural impact on traditional Sudanese human settlement patterns

Elwaleed Abdelaziz Ali
2011 FES Journal of Engineering Sciences  
Sudan is a unique country which is located in the continent of Africa and inhabited by many diversified ethnic and cultural groups. This diversity of its population was an outcome of a process of migrations that took place since a long time ago in history, from different parts of Africa, Asia and other continents. The indigenous settlements of the different Sudanese population groups manifest different and distinct spatial as well as socio – cultural patterns. The colonial period in Sudan
more » ... ents a new era in the transformation of different aspects of life in the country. The impact of the colonial policies in the indigenous Sudanese towns was remarkable. Human shelter and settlement are natural outcomes of the efforts of man in controlling nature and seeking refuge and safety for himself and his family against aggressions of other living creatures. They vary in size and form from one group of people to another and from time to time. Space which is a major element of the built environment is handled differently by different groups of people. This paper attempts to focus on the interaction between the socio – cultural aspects and the spatial ones of the designed space and their impact on each other; a theme which has always been neglected in the official housing and planning policies of this country.
doi:10.52981/fjes.v5i1.33 fatcat:4y5aqr7fu5fulglz5pz3varhuu