An Examination of XMOOCs: An Embedded Single Case Study Based on Conole's 12 Dimensions

Serpil KOCDAR, M. Recep OKUR, Aras BOZKURT
2017 The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education  
This study intends to examine the xMOOCs offered by one of the mainstream MOOC platforms in Conole's 12 dimensions. For this purpose, the research employed an embedded single case study using heuristic inquiry to collect data. The researchers participated in three xMOOCs and took into consideration the characteristics of these MOOCs by rating them as low, medium or high in terms of Conole's 12 dimensions. Inter-rater reliability was 92 percent. The study showed that the openness, massiveness,
more » ... versity, use of multimedia, communication among learners, learning pathway and amount of reflection dimensions were high. The communication with instructors, degree of collaboration and autonomy dimensions were medium, and the quality assurance, certification, and formal learning dimensions were low. After explaining characteristics of xMOOCs from the perspective of open learning, the study highlighted that xMOOCs dramatically differ with regard to the implementation of the freemium business model to education and course delivery methods. It was concluded that MOOCs are not a new form of learning, but a new form of organizing learning similar to the open university movement, but which promises more flexibility and access than open universities.
doi:10.17718/tojde.340381 fatcat:nftathq5qfgs3lsiqnqkw6lepi