Gonadal Development of Triploid Black Sea Bream, Acanthopagrus schlegeli

Hitoshi KITAMURA, Sunao NAKAO, Eisuke OKADA, Toshihisa ARAKAWA
1992 Aquaculture Science  
Triploid black sea bream were induced by cold shock treatment on fertilized eggs. The gonadal development of 2-, 3-and 4-year-old triploid fish were studied histologically during the spawning season. Most of 2-year-old diploid (control) fish were functional males, and about half of the Sand 4-year-old diploid fish became functional females. The gonad of all triploid fish were male types. GSI value of these triploid fish were lower than those of diploid fish, and histological appearence of the
more » ... stes indicated that abnormal spermatogenesis was taking place. Some 3-and 4year-old triploid fish discharged milt when the fish were stripped. These were some spermatozoa with two heads and two or three flagella, and the density of these cells in the milt was very low.
doi:10.11233/aquaculturesci1953.40.411 fatcat:mbvkvdctffc6npccq3o55ahsmy