A Search for Radio Emission at the Bottom of the Main Sequence and Beyond

Anita Krishnamurthi, Giuseppe Leto, Jeffrey L. Linsky
1999 Astronomical Journal  
We have used the VLA to conduct a deep search for 3.6 cm radio emission from nearby very low mass stars and brown dwarfs. The Gudel-Benz relation is used to predict radio luminosities for some very low mass stars and candidate brown dwarfs with measured X-ray fluxes. The predicted radio fluxes are quite small, whereas the measured radio flux from the brown dwarf candidate Rho Oph GY 31 is relatively strong. In light of our new observations, this object remains an anomaly. We present upper
more » ... present upper limits for our measured radio fluxes at 3.6 cm for our targets.
doi:10.1086/301015 fatcat:3smq3nokb5dprnylxo3gtbh3ru