Seismic Analysis of a Regular High-Rise Structure Subjected to Various Load Resisting Systems

Avinash Kumar, Sharma, Krishna Rahul, Ankush Jain
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
Since the beginning, high-rise structures have been the architectural expression of visions, supremacy and monetary affluence. The contest for taller, slender and more efficient high-rises lingers however, with the necessity for even improved structural systems to reach new heights. Lateral forces consisting wind & earthquake loads plays a significant role in the design of structure situated in high seismic zones. In this paper, the eminence is given on the structure with two different load
more » ... different load resisting systems. The results are obtained in terms of shear force, bending moment, node displacement, support reactions & axial force by using STAAD.Pro V8i software. Two different types of structural system used are Shear wall & Bracing system.