Cryo-cooled sapphire oscillator for the Cassini Ka-band experiment

G.J. Dick, R.T. Wang
Proceedings of International Frequency Control Symposium  
We present features for an ultra-stable sapphire cryogenic oscillator which has been designed to support the Cassini Ka-band Radio Science experiment. The design of this standard is new in several respects. It is cooled by a commercial cryocooler instead of liquid cryogens to increase operating time, and it uses a technology to adjust the temperature turn-over point to extend the upper operating temperature limit and to enable construction of multiple units with uniform operating
more » ... ting characteristics. Objectives are 3x 101s stability for measuring times 1 second < z < 100 seconds, phase noise of -85 dBc/Hz from offset frequencies of 1 Hz to 1000 Hz at 10GHZ carrier frequency, and a one year continuous operating period. BACKGROUND:
doi:10.1109/freq.1997.639224 fatcat:yadzcrjcpveuvbjz7uj4b7z33y