Semi-automatic Annotation of Event Structure, Argument Structure, and Opposition Structure to WordNet by Using Event Structure Frame

Seohyun Im
2019 Global WordNet Conference  
In this paper, we present semi-automatic annotation of the Event Structure Frames to synsets of English verbs in WordNet. The Event Structure Frame is a sub-eventual structure frame which combines event structure (lexical aspect) with argument structure represented by semantic roles and opposition structure which represents the presupposed and entailed subevents of a matrix event. Our annotation work is done semi-automatically by GESL-based automatic annotation and manual errorcorrection. GESL
more » ... s an automatic annotation tool of the Event Structure Frame to verbs in a sentence. We apply GESL to the example sentence given for each synset of a verb in WordNet. We expect that our work will make WordNet much more useful for any NLP and its applications which require lexical semantic information of English verbs.
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