Progressive Retinex: Mutually Reinforced Illumination-Noise Perception Network for Low Light Image Enhancement [article]

Yang Wang and Yang Cao and Zheng-Jun Zha and Jing Zhang and Zhiwei Xiong and Wei Zhang and Feng Wu
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Contrast enhancement and noise removal are coupled problems for low-light image enhancement. The existing Retinex based methods do not take the coupling relation into consideration, resulting in under or over-smoothing of the enhanced images. To address this issue, this paper presents a novel progressive Retinex framework, in which illumination and noise of low-light image are perceived in a mutually reinforced manner, leading to noise reduction low-light enhancement results. Specifically, two
more » ... ully pointwise convolutional neural networks are devised to model the statistical regularities of ambient light and image noise respectively, and to leverage them as constraints to facilitate the mutual learning process. The proposed method not only suppresses the interference caused by the ambiguity between tiny textures and image noises, but also greatly improves the computational efficiency. Moreover, to solve the problem of insufficient training data, we propose an image synthesis strategy based on camera imaging model, which generates color images corrupted by illumination-dependent noises. Experimental results on both synthetic and real low-light images demonstrate the superiority of our proposed approaches against the State-Of-The-Art (SOTA) low-light enhancement methods.
arXiv:1911.11323v1 fatcat:xv76mtzvi5cjbg7ytzh7jhfgsa