Precise measurement of the decay KL→π0γγ

A. Lai, D. Marras, A. Bevan, R.S. Dosanjh, T.J. Gershon, B. Hay, G.E. Kalmus, C. Lazzeroni, D.J. Munday, M.D. Needham, E. Olaiya, M.A. Parker (+128 others)
2002 Physics Letters B  
The decay rate of has been measured with the NA48 detector at the CERN SPS. A total of 2558 candidates have been observed with a residual background of 3.2 ±0.03_(stat)±0.03_(syst)± 0.03_(norm))×10^-6 and the vector coupling constant a_v = -0.46 ±0.03_(stat)±0.04_(syst). This result suggests that the CP-violation effects are dominating in the decay. An upper limit for the decay rate in the two photon mass region m_γγ<m_π^0 is also given.
doi:10.1016/s0370-2693(02)01863-4 fatcat:w6wv7wheajf6zhbqnj5rv7rd6y