Effect of enamel margin configuration on color change of resin composite restoration

Asami AIDA, Masatoshi NAKAJIMA, Naoko SEKI, Yukinori KANO, Richard M FOXTON, Junji TAGAMI
2016 Dental materials journal  
This study aimed to investigate the effect of enamel margin configuration on color change of resin composite restoration. Enamel disks of 1.0 mm-thick were sliced from sixty bovine anterior teeth and divided into three groups by margin configuration (non-bevel, 45-degree bevel and 45-degree reverse-bevel). The color measurements (L*C*h* values) at the restored bovine enamel disk with resin composite (Estelite Asteria, Estelite Pro, Kalore, Clearfil Majesty) were performed using a digital camera
more » ... ng a digital camera with CIE XYZ color gamut (RC500). All the resin composite restorations with non-beveled and beveled cavities significantly increased L* values compared with the control composite disks (p<0.05). The bevel preparation increased L* values toward the enamel-composite border with gentle inclination, while the reverse-bevel preparation was significantly lower L* values at the enamel-composite border than the non-bevel preparation (p<0.05). Enamel margin configuration affected color shifting of resin composite restoration and color adjustment of the border.
doi:10.4012/dmj.2016-039 pmid:27477235 fatcat:n43sbdltvzhhlmiih7kges5wl4