A novel objective no-reference metric for digital video quality assessment

Fuzheng Yang, Shuai Wan, Yilin Chang, Hong Ren Wu
2005 IEEE Signal Processing Letters  
A novel objective no-reference metric is proposed for video quality assessment of digitally coded videos containing natural scenes. Taking account of the temporal dependency between adjacent images of the videos and characteristics of the human visual system, the spatial distortion of an image is predicted using the differences between the corresponding translational regions of high spatial complexity in two adjacent images, which are weighted according to temporal activities of the video. The
more » ... of the video. The overall video quality is measured by pooling the spatial distortions of all images in the video. Experiments using reconstructed video sequences indicate that the objective scores obtained by the proposed metric agree well with the subjective assessment scores. Index Terms-Digital video quality assessment (VQA), human visual system (HVS), no-reference (NR) metrics.
doi:10.1109/lsp.2005.855553 fatcat:4ib5raptszde5lfqvqqa434wcy