Zero Average Surface Controlled Boost-Flyback Converter

Juan-Guillermo Muñoz, Fabiola Angulo, David Angulo-Garcia
2020 Energies  
The boost-flyback converter is a DC-DC step-up power converter with a wide range of technological applications. In this paper, we analyze the boost-flyback dynamics when controlled via a modified Zero-Average-Dynamics control technique, hereby named Zero-Average-Surface (ZAS). While using the ZAS strategy, it is possible to calculate the duty cycle at each PWM cycle that guarantees a desired stable period-1 solution, by forcing the system to evolve in such way that a function that is
more » ... that is constructed with strategical combination of the states over the PWM period has a zero average. We show, by means of bifurcation diagrams, that the period-1 orbit coexists with a stable period-2 orbit with a saturated duty cycle. While using linear stability analysis, we demonstrate that the period-1 orbit is stable over a wide range of parameters and it loses stability at high gains and low loads via a period doubling bifurcation. Finally, we show that, under the right choice of parameters, the period-1 orbit controller with ZAS strategy satisfactorily rejects a wide range of disturbances.
doi:10.3390/en14010057 fatcat:lpuiqftbjvdq5lib4k7fwc23my