Structural characterization and interaction studies of myopodin isoform A with Z-disc binding partners

Bezerra Eduardo Henrique Salviano
2015 unpublished
Myopodin is a member of the Podin family, a group of proteins widely expressed in muscle cells. Expression of myopodin has been observed at the early stages of the myofibrillogenesis process. In differentiated muscle cells myopodin is extensively found in the Z-discs, where it associates with several other fundamental components of the Z-disc, such as actin, α-actinin 2 and filamin C. Myopodin interacts with these proteins mostly through its central domain, a region conserved for all myopodin
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doi:10.25365/thesis.38146 fatcat:bzgeh6zt2zeclevhlrg6vtzyme