Compressive Sensing Assisted Generalized Quadrature Spatial Modulation for Massive MIMO systems

Lixia Xiao, Pei Xiao, Yue Xiao, Harald Haas, Abdelrahim Mohamed, Lajos Hanzo
2019 IEEE Transactions on Communications  
A novel Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output (MIMO) transmission scheme termed as Generalized Quadrature Spatial Modulation (G-QSM) is proposed. It amalgamates the concept of Quadrature Spatial Modulation (QSM) and spatial multiplexing for the sake of achieving a high throughput, despite relying on low number of Radio Frequency (RF) chains. In the proposed G-QSM scheme, the conventional constellation points of the spatial multiplexing structure are replaced by the QSM symbols, hence the
more » ... n bits are conveyed both by the antenna indices as well as by the classic Amplitude/Phase Modulated (APM) constellation points. The upper bounds of the Average Bit Error Probability (ABEP) of the proposed G-QSM system in high throughput massive MIMO configurations are derived. Furthermore, an Efficient Multipath Orthogonal Matching Pursuit (EM-OMP) based Compressive Sensing (CS) detector is developed for our proposed G-QSM system. Both our analytical and simulation results demonstrated that the proposed scheme is capable of providing considerable performance gains over the existing schemes in massive MIMO configurations.
doi:10.1109/tcomm.2019.2909017 fatcat:qhkcatc5mzcnzdofrfkbshx6ia