Protest Movement in the Don Theological Seminary in 1901–1907 and Its Special Features

2018 Russkaya Starina  
This publication deals with the protest movement of the early 20 th century among the students of theological seminaries, i.e. the seminarians' disorders in the Don Theological Seminary. There were four stages of the seminarians ' protest actions, in 1901, 1902, 1905, and 1907, within the course of the all-Russian protest actions of seminary students. With the 1901 and 1902 protest actions being aimed at finding solutions for the internal problems related to the appeal for the teachers treating
more » ... their students properly, improving the students' living conditions, and extending the rights to use the library, the 1905 and 1907 marches raised demands, approved by the General Seminarians' Union, related to reforming the theological education system in general. Unlike other seminaries, the protest actions by the students of the Don Theological Seminary were not characterized as radical, as there were no pogroms or actions against the teachers' corporation. None of the claims made by the seminarians and submitted to the rector as petitions was ever satisfied.
doi:10.13187/rs.2018.2.146 fatcat:5k3lgtvdbrh5lbniyol5ckvyki