Perceptual speech processing and phonetic feature mapping for robust vowel recognition

Linkai Bu, T.-D. Church
2000 IEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio Processing  
In this paper, we propose the perceptual speech processing and the phonetic feature mapping, which are inspired by human auditory perceptual characteristics. The proposed perceptual speech processing is based on three perceptual characteristics and consists of three independent processing steps: masking effect, minimum audible field renormalization, and mel-scale resampling. They remove unperceptible spectral components, and adjust magnitude and frequency scales of speech spectra, respectively.
more » ... We apply these three processing steps to speech spectrum sequentially to generate a new speech signal representation called perceptual spectrum. For Mandarin vowel recognition, nine representative vowels are selected as references and similarity measures to these reference spectra, called phonetic features, are then generated from perceptual spectrum. These phonetic features then serve as speech parameters in a continuous HMM-based recognition stage. With these two techniques, high recognition accuracy on Mandarin vowel phonemes has been achieved. Further experiments confirm that significant improvement on recognition robustness with respect to speaker variation and noise contamination can be also obtained.
doi:10.1109/89.824695 fatcat:po3lcn7knrd7plxqgudtcsnhha