Stress-induced Vortex Line Helixing Avalanches in the Plastic Flow of a Smectic A Liquid Crystal

R. A. Herke, N. A. Clark, M. A. Handschy
1995 Science  
961). 29. Following (341, balancing the Lorentz force and the rate of ion-neutral collisions gives ev, X B = m,vi,(v, -v,), where v, and v, are the ion and neutral velocity vectors. Solving for the vertical component of ion velocity yields wi = (u cosl cosD)lq for u > > v, w, the meridional and vertical components of the neutral wind, and T, >> I. Differentiating with respect to z, where H, is the scale height of the neutral atmosphere. The expressions vi , = 2~(a"e~/~")"~ n and Ci = eB/mi are
more » ... rom (6). 30. The upward wind is usually attributed to E X B drift; in this case, the magnitude of the electric field (E) component perpendicular to B and z is E,w,Bl cosl = 0.
doi:10.1126/science.267.5198.651 pmid:17745841 fatcat:oxvctkszdzdznij2szkqluxqk4