A Review Paper On An Embedded Extended Visual Cryptography Scheme For Color Image Using Lpg With Pca

Navdeep Kaur*, Gagandeep Singh
2016 Zenodo  
A method for creating digital image copyright protection is proposed in this paper. The proposed method in this paper is based on visual cryptography using LPG with PCA. The proposed method is working on selection of random pixels from the original digital image instead of specific selection of pixels.In today's scenario protection of digital data is utmost necessary in every part of life. More robust methods are being developed to protect the proprietary rights of the multimedia. In this
more » ... an invisible watermarking technique is proposed, to embed multiple binary watermarks into digital medical images based on the concept of Visual Cryptography (VC). The proposed scheme embeds the watermarks without modifying the original host image. Cryptography is nothing but the secret sharing of text. Similarly Visual Cryptography Scheme (VCS) is secret sharing of images. The extension of VCS is Embedded Extended Visual Cryptography. A secret image is divided into shares and stacking of the shares will reveal the secret image. The recovered secret image quality is less in terms of loss of resolution and contrast. In this paper we introduce An Embedded Extended Visual Cryptography Scheme for Color Image using LPG with PCA; this can help to improve the visual quality of the recovered image.Because of local pixel groping with Principal component Analysis(PCA) because of this we able to embed and extract multiple secret image with very good quality.. This work has been tested and found suitable for its purpose.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.56921 fatcat:bqqvm23xxnby5p5knqerarprau