Robot-mediated Culture Education: Users' Reception

Chung-ling Shih
2022 International Journal of Technology in Education  
Culture education can use a myriad of media, and this research explores how a robot can be used for culture education. To conduct the research, a questionnaire-based survey was conducted on adult and non-adult users. The findings showed that the two groups of respondents when calculated together had a higher level of satisfaction with educational effectiveness and the significant value of the system (89%, 917/1030) than operational experience (84%, 862/1030) and the robot's sensory appeal (77%,
more » ... 797/1030). The findings suggested that respondents had attached greater importance to the significant value and educational function of the robot-mediated system. Gaps existed between the two groups regarding their responses to the robot's sensory appeal (84% vs. 64%), interaction with the robot (85% vs.77%), and reflective assessments on the value of the system (91% vs. 85%). Despite the gaps, the robot-mediated culture educational system has proved to be effective as it is in line with Norman's (2004) visceral, behavioral and reflective needs of emotional design by creating a sensory appeal, giving users delightful operational experiences, and yielding positive assessments. The implications derived from the findings shed light on the educational value of using the robot as an agent of culture education.
doi:10.46328/ijte.221 fatcat:omlgn7ohufgy5pw2v3lvlmczzq