Pyrrolidone Modifying Gold Nanocatalysts for Enhanced Catalytic Activities in Aerobic Oxidation of Alcohols and Carbon Monoxide

Yingji Song, Xuefeng Chu, Yingzi Lin, Xiaotian Yang
2017 Journal of Chemistry  
Enhancing the catalytic activity of supported metal nanoparticle is a great demand but extremely challenging to make. We reported a simple strategy for enhancing the activities by employing the polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) additive, where a series of supported Au nanoparticle catalysts including Au/C, Au/BN, Au/TiO2, and Au/SBA-15 exhibited significantly higher activities in the oxidation of various alcohols and carbon monoxide by molecular oxygen after adding PVP to the reaction system. The XPS
more » ... on system. The XPS study indicates that PVP could electronically interact with Au to form high active Au sites for molecular oxygen, thus causing improved activities for the various oxidation reactions.
doi:10.1155/2017/5257296 fatcat:kgnqj6rvszdblpumsspnuxk6ja