Pedicle frozen autograft for limb sparing surgery in a dog with femoral osteosarcoma

Aline Silva Gouvêa, Juliana Lichtler, Simone Scherer, Verônica Santos Mombach, Kauê Danilo Helene Lemos dos Reis, Paula Cristina Sieczkowski Gonzalez, Luciana Sonne, Marcelo Meller Alievi
2016 Ciência Rural  
ABSTRACT: Osteosarcoma (OSA) is the most common bone tumor diagnosed in dogs and represents approximately 85% of canine skeletal tumors. The most commonly employed therapy is amputation of the limb followed by chemotherapy. However, preservation of the afflicted limb has been successful for patients with concomitant neurological or orthopedic conditions, which are contraindications to the complete amputation, or with owners reluctant to the possibility of amputation. For these reasons, the
more » ... se of this study was to describe the technical procedures that allowed limb salvage through the use of pedicle frozen grafts in a dog with femoral OSA. Surgical procedures consisted of a femoral diaphyseal osteotomy with tearing of the soft tissues; thus, creating a bone pedicle that was frozen in liquid nitrogen according to the protocol outlined by TSUCHIYA et al. (2005). Limb function remained satisfactory for six months.
doi:10.1590/0103-8478cr20160022 fatcat:gos7nd6zhfct7evzfi7nhxazgu