Nanaimo Free Press [Friday, March 2, 1906] [article]

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In eonmicUoB with Tuewlay nlght'a aflair as reported fai the Free Frees last nicht whereby an iindiaa man was nearly burned to « Dcial police-to-The Nanaimo Boy Wins from Matsnda In Two FaUa. -The J*.p a Olevcr Wrestler and a Coming Man In Wrestling Circles. e prov Dcial rvral arrreu. 1 a^mia i James Charley and Sunny Ji two Ittdiane, and WalUe-Davtdeun. an eloerly wfaite man. were pIscmI under arrest in coimoclloo with supplyin* ol Ihjuor to tbs wc •Dd her husband. The case comee up in,the
more » ... incial police court thi» .Isiioi In the meantime the liidiaii ^mao la still In a en-toua con ditlon. there being IKlU change since yesterday. Later-In the .Sunny James was yemanded entil Monday afternoon at T o'clock. anU als.> James Charlie for supplying liiiuor to th^ Indinne who were iiumi. Davison, was the aamo daU for supplying the qfior to tbs Indians James am Char lie. James Charlie was not in sitenennee at the court today, btil will I* in attsodsme M.mdaj-the padded mat laiti night when Sine Swnnmn. ch«-r«l on by hundndi. ol hU {eUo*-lo«n«nien, and In sight of an a>n«.licr that (lacked the city hall in Vancouver to its very doore. threw Mateuda. th.aneeler. winning in two me hour Biitl three niimiti.* ami in M.vt-n minutiM duration. ciTn'rnlly ronredid by thow who kni.w SwamMin. Juilging from hie Bihii-vciiK-nia. that he would It was not thought, however, th.. .lap ucmid prove *ich a fortiie oppomnt as be prov.vt to be. UhHe he horse" in a ra.v» run at Aaeot on F. b. 10. Hurnell was punished for Uw al leged Improiw placing of hla horse AMerman Halt In coanectlon with iU racw at Aacntt on December 3 suggest that this was a bill w was not conmeteot for a privaU roemlier to introduce as it afloctad rown lands. Jotm Oliver thought H very qmia. tionablo il It degis with crown lands. The Siieaker asM that H oudoubtily dealt with erown lands. Thera was a fprthcr objection to it and Ihie was that it plm-ed a fliinncinl rxiwiulilure upon the province. i:nder the bill the case of tbciei claimnnla had to ba defended by the '"iTe " toirefora rhitd tba bill Mi; len .in ih>-lui.hled mat. Kudu Ih tnll of slnture for a •lap. I~vi.ll Killiy fonii.>d. dean rut amt sjuiiiiKKricul. He is w.imlerfull.v strong, for time ami ngni" Sr«b-Isd hol.l .if hi. man lifting him clear oH the mil. li . dinB him in nir on.1 tbrowing Inm 'I"*'" ""h where the nmi.h woa held. I iiiiist Iwtv.-ben over a thousand peo-|.I,1 In Ih.' Imil.llni^ In fact so ^teai w a» th.. nmh of people thht the man ngement was unable to keep all the lor the Xnnaimo i«ople na rrival of Mcnara. Montreal, Mar. 2.-Fire last night did damage estimate.! jit »l«.fK*0 in a four atory liuilding on St. I'anI atnwt in the heart of Uw buain.vw diirtriet. ___________ as traineil to the ____ pink of i-.imbiitm nn.l whit.-h.-workhtm od like a Ttvijan he rfiuwod no signs of distress. Ho baa all the cunning of hm ro. .. nn.l in so far as h« kmiw irks ol the giinie and . oml .vsiln.wa Ihro.igbout. t>n his (e.-l h.. i.s ns shlKy nnd quick os any im..i on Ih.mmt.lml »b.n .lown I... hi.s mil the sd.tioo of Iswn pr.imls.Ml. Shortly alter fjml City men arrangi-m. made f..r the big eve. \\u.slanr<l nnd Fullerton, ver, nn.l Japanese Consul Uniato of the sum., plac. were cbciaen as judges Mr. .1. Stewart of Vancouver, and a foibier .Vnnai (Continued on Page 3.) Now York, Mar. ,3-Ncarly 2.000 x'ornwall. preeident of the board, rolugeca from Buosta arrived hero'made (the protenUUon. today in steerage on the steamer | yha add.eaa, which Ls handsomely Fcnnsylvania from Hamburg. Many engraved, ami framoo. expresses in lom left llutaia several weeks appropriate phraaelogy Ui.. regret ago but were di'lnine.! at Hamburg (ejt tiy the members bf the l.onro at for a long Inaiwction by health au-Mr. Coburn's discontinuing his rewi-IhoriWca before they were stllowed denoe in this city. It refers to his proecod to the Inlied SUtea. jtenn of office aa mayor of the city.
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