Improving the Bulk Formula for Sea-Surface Fluxes [report]

Larry Mahrt
2009 unpublished
LONG-TERM GOAL Derive a more flexibile form of the bulk forumula for sea-surface fluxes that does not require compliance with Monin-Obukhov similarity theory nor definition of the surface roughness length. OBJECTIVES The most important objectives are to generalize the bulk formula to: a) better approximate fluxes for stable weak-wind cases to accommodate the influence of unresolved mesoscale motions, b) account for reduced efficiency of moisture fluxes over cooler water, c) allow for confused
more » ... as and weak winds dominated by mesoscale motions through probability distributions of transfer coefficients and d) rexamine the bulk for formula for strong wind conditions. As a parallel investigation, the commonly used TOAGA COARE scheme will be modified.
doi:10.21236/ada531976 fatcat:k46b3yz4pbbwtghiaulqwe7ifi