Male sleeping aggregations of solitary oil-collecting bees in Brazil (Centridini, Tapinotaspidini, and Tetrapediini; Hymenoptera: Apidae)

I. Alves-dos-Santos, M.C. Gaglianone, S.R.C. Naxara, M.S. Engel
2009 Genetics and Molecular Research  
Males of solitary bees usually spend the night in clusters on small branches of plants, cavities and flowers. The individuals usually return to the same location each evening during their life, exhibiting site fidelity to a particular plant. We report on the sleeping roosts of the males of some oil-collecting bees of the genera Centris, Paratetrapedia, Lanthanomelissa, Monoeca, and Tetrapedia, as well as the host plants. We discuss the role of the male clusters to the associated plants.
doi:10.4238/vol8-2kerr003 fatcat:35oywr5izngijki7qrmncmtgiy