Refuse Derived Fuel Geneartion

Abhishek Singh, Negi Tech, Anit Jain, Modi Tech, Nikhil Ch, B Kumar, Tech, P Sai Chandu
Due to the increase in generation, waste plastics are becoming a major stream in solid waste. After food waste and paper waste, plastic waste is the major constitute of municipal and industrial waste in cities. Even the cities with low economic growth have started producing more plastic waste due to plastic packaging, plastic shopping bags, PET bottles and other goods/appliances using plastic as the major component. This increase has turned into a major challenge for local authorities,
more » ... le for solid waste management and sanitation. Due to lack of waste recycling could also be economically viable, as it generates resources, which integrated solid waste management, most of the plastic waste is neither collected properly nor disposed of in appropriate manner to avoid its negative impacts on environment and public health and waste plastics are causing littering and chocking of sewerage system.