Research on data transmission encryption algorithm of wireless sensor network in cloud storage

Xian-chun ZHOU, Qi-xiang WU
2020 Proceedings of the 13th EAI International Conference on Mobile Multimedia Communications, Mobimedia 2020, 27-28 August 2020, Cyberspace   unpublished
In cloud storage, the traditional wireless sensor network data transmission encryption algorithm has the problem of low pseudo-randomicity of key flow, resulting in weak encryption security.Therefore, a data transmission encryption algorithm for wireless sensor network in cloud storage is proposed.Formulate the encryption strategy and the initial key strategy, use the basic mode of developing the debugging board to execute the encryption algorithm, and control the input of the encryption
more » ... hm.Control the iteration times of the algorithm, encrypt the data transmission through the encryption wheel transformation and key expansion, and use the pseudo-code to execute the encryption algorithm to complete the data transmission encryption.The test results show that compared with the traditional encryption algorithm, the key flow of wireless sensor network data transmission encryption algorithm designed for cloud storage has higher pseudo-randomicity and stronger security. security of user sensitive data has been completely out of the control of the data owner, which is likely to lead to internal attacks such as the disclosure of user data and privacy information. For the above problems, literature [4] studies the node encryption of wireless sensor network, first introduces the current situation of wireless sensor network encryption. Then, based on the study of S-box and chaos theory, a multi chaos S-box encryption algorithm is proposed, the mapping relationship between them is established, and the constant chaos iteration is realized. This paper has a good encryption effect. However, this encryption algorithm is easily affected by the amount of wireless sensor network data in cloud storage, which makes the generated key stream less pseudo-random and less secure. Therefore, this paper proposes the research of data erasure hybrid encryption algorithm for wireless sensor network in cloud storage to solve the problems existing in the traditional algorithm.
doi:10.4108/eai.27-8-2020.2294626 fatcat:wswqvinzojdwhk6wjwnf77ksyi