Interdisciplinary Studies Between Law and Education. Mafia's Children: Removal and Cultural Contamination Against Indoctrination, Violence, and Oppression

Rossella Marzullo
2019 Zenodo  
ABSTRACT: In mafia families, children are educated in violence, revenge, and gender stereotypes. The research question is: What can be done to guarantee these children the right to education, the right to become citizens, to learn democratic values, the right to be men without killing and women without obeying? The studies carried out have discovered a possible answer in the recent judgment of the Juvenile Court of Reggio Calabria, which has mandated the revocation of parental responsibility in
more » ... l responsibility in cases in which injury to children is proven. These limitations to parental rights have the purpose of allowing institutions to stop a system of behavior that is harmful to the proper development of the personality of the child and that transmits negative cultural values from father to son. This way can play an important role for democracy in creating the context for progressive social change. Man acquires morality from the environment in which he grows, so it is really dangerous for children growing up in families in which boys are predestined to follow in their father's footsteps and girls are sometimes compelled to marry the sons of other bosses, binding separate clans together through blood relations. So, by removal, it is possible for mafia children to discover new realities and new way of life, by new structure that connects them to the society. Socrates in the Platonic Apology says that laws educate and make better youth generations. KEYWORDS: Mafia, Education, Law, Cultural contamination, Interdisciplinary
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3267697 fatcat:763fgjjm6ve27pufisltmuf4di