Determination of the Influence of Variety and Level of Maturity on the Content and Development of Carotenoids in Tomatoes

Z. Kotíková, A. Hejtmánková, J. Lachman
2009 Czech Journal of Food Sciences  
The influence of variety and the level of maturity on the content and composition of carotenoids in tomatoes were monitored in a field experiment in the year 2007. A total of 11 varieties were submitted to this experiment – Albertovské žluté, Bejbino F1, Cristina F1, Bonset F1, Dominato F1, Monika F1, Orkado F1, Start S F1, Stupické polní rané, Tornádo F1 and Rougella F1. A significant difference in the ability of tomatoes to synthesise carotenoids in relation to variety was found. At the
more » ... found. At the mature phase of fruits an average content of carotenoids was determined as 665 μg/g dry mass. The varieties with high content of carotenoids were Bonset F1, Start S F1 and Cristina F1. On the contrary, the varieties with low ability in carotenoids production are Albertovské žluté, Bejbino F1 and Tornádo F1. The main carotenoids determined at the red-fruit tomatoes were lycopene, β-carotene and lutein. In the yellow-fruited variety – Albertovské žluté, only β-carotene and lutein was found.
doi:10.17221/1093-cjfs fatcat:nrbhe7fbwvddtfeugg5qwfgzua