Modeling and Analysis of Railway Wagon

B Kumar, M Suneetha, N Venkatachalapathi
Prediction of Dynamic behavior of Railway vehicle by using prototype is very costly, lengthy and tedious task so, now a day most of the railway companies and researchers are using virtual prototype of railway model and running it in virtual environment for predicting dynamic behavior of railway vehicle model. There is some popular software available for modeling like auto cad & pro-e, predicting dynamic behavior of vehicle model such as Ansis, Universal Mechanism etc. At present steel material
more » ... s used for hopper wagon, these are going to be replaced by aluminum alloy in the nearest future. In present work, I have designed and assembly of a proto type model of fright hopper wagon using CAD application. In PRO-E or CATIA software I have performed linear mode shape modeling and design by hopper wagon on track. As the aluminum alloy has greater strength and less self weight, less fuel will be used in transportation and vertical force is reduced, hence less wear.