Study of absorption of subcutaneously injected short-acting insulin in diabeties

T. Nakamura, K. Sekino, F. Kasai, M. Ishii, K. Kudoo, K. Imamura, H. Kikuchi, K. Takebe
1993 Problemy Endokrinologii  
In patients with diabetes mellitus (DM), it is necessary to constantly monitor the level of glucose in the blood to prevent the onset and development of complications of the disease. When conducting insulin therapy in patients with diabetes, despite the introduction of the same amount of insulin, changes in blood glucose in many patients have significant differences. An abnormality in the absorption of insulin from subcutaneous adipose tissue is indicated as one of the reasons. So far, basic
more » ... earch on insulin absorption has been mostly done in healthy people. In this work, we studied the absorption of human short-acting insulin (simple, short insulin), administered subcutaneously, in patients with diabetes, measuring the insulin content in serum.
doi:10.14341/probl11946 fatcat:eaqzlmtaynhdzeiewjzszcqlam