Non-Fermi liquid fixed point in 2 + 1 dimensions

Chetan Nayak, Frank Wilczek
1994 Nuclear Physics B  
We construct models of excitations about a Fermi surface that display calculable deviations from Fermi liquid behavior in the low-energy limit. They arise as a consequence of coupling to a Chern-Simons gauge field, whose fluctations are controlled through a 1k^x interaction. The Fermi liquid fixed point is shown to be unstable in the infrared for x<1, and an infrared-stable fixed point is found in a (1-x)-expansion, analogous to the ϵ-expansion of critical phenomena. x=1 corresponds to Coulomb
more » ... nteractions, and in this case we find a logarithmic approach to zero coupling. We describe the low-energy behavior of metals in the universality class of the new fixed point, and discuss its possible application to the compressible ν=12 quantum Hall state and to the normal state of copper-oxide superconductors.
doi:10.1016/0550-3213(94)90477-4 fatcat:hp6jped7xzg4vdt4x2elsar7vy