Four-color photometry of OJ 287 during its recent three-magnitude decline

A. G. Smith, R. L. Scott, R. J. Leacock, B. Q. McGimsey, P. L. Edwards, R. L. Hackney, K. R. Hackney
1975 Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific  
The lacertid OJ 287 has undergone a five-year optical outburst from which it is still declining. Photographic UBV photometry throughout the declining phase has shown that the color of OJ 287 remained remarkably constant despite a 3-magnitude drop in brightness. There were, however, significant short-term excursions about the mean color, which is represented by the indices (U-B) = -0 ni 65 and (B-V) = 0™39. A smaller number of infrared (I) measurements show the same general trend.
doi:10.1086/129738 fatcat:3xqpzf4ysjetpbiafb4tqzcani