Error concealment of MPEG-2 AAC audio using modulo watermarks

S. Cheng, H. Yu, Zixiang Xiong
2002 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems. Proceedings (Cat. No.02CH37353)  
We propose an error concealment scheme for MPEG-2 compressed (AAC) audio using a novel modulo watermarking technique. It can be used on top of other error control schemes. After the modulo watermark is embedded, an MPEG-2 AAC audio only shows negligible file size increase and moderate SNR penalty. For audio transmission over packet-switch networks (e.g., the Internet), using our watermark-based concealment scheme shows consistent SNR gain over using conventional concealment Schemes.
doi:10.1109/iscas.2002.1010974 fatcat:xzbfzgrd3rh7hpdshbclhuxdie