Pharmacokinetics study of ferulic acid in rats after oral administration of γ-oryzanol under combined use of Tween 80 by LC/MS/MS

Y Pan, L Cai, S He, Z Zhang
2014 European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences  
γ-oryzanol (OZ) is a rich source of commercially-important bioactive phytochemicals, most of them of interest in nutrition, pharmacy and cosmetics. However, the poor solubility of OZ limited the use. In the paper, ultraviolet-visible (UV-Vis) analysis was conducted to analysis the solubilization of OZ under combined use of Tween 80 in vitro. In addition, to further confirm the solubilizing effect of Tween 80, a pharmacokinetic study of ferulic acid (FA) in rats after oral administration of OZ
more » ... 0 mg/kg under combined use of Tween 80 though LCMS/MS was carried out. Solubility enhancement as high as 100-fold is achieved using 1% Tween 80 in vitro. Following oral administration of OZ-Tween 80 100 mg/kg, the values of Tmax, Cmax, AUC0-∞, T1/2Ka and MRT0-∞ were 46.667 ± 39.328, 129.498 ± 27.025, 63738.28 ± 599, 14.274 ± 7.309 and 859.592 ± 108.780 respectively. The values of T1/2Ka, AUC0-∞, MRT0-t, and Tmax showed up to increase 16%, 58%, 44% and 47% while Cmax and CL/F decreased 22% and 12%, respectively. The decreased Cmax value indicated that Tween 80 can hardly enhance the absorption of FA in rats. However, T1/2Ka and Tmax values showed that the absorption of FA was extended, which resulted the increased values of AUC0-∞ and MRT0-∞. Our results reveal that Tween 80 improves solubility of OZ in vitro and could enhance the bioavailability of OZ by extending its absorption and elimination.
pmid:24488900 fatcat:26j4wf5uinclrmmyx3myi3ky7i