New Materials Design Using Excitonic Quantum Effects: Applications for Fuel Cells, Catalysts, Superconductive and Bioactive Materials [post]

Vladimir B. Kopylov, Paul Leonard
2021 unpublished
<p>This manauscript begins with a theoretical substantiation of the possibility of thermal (dark) generation of electronically excited states (excitons) in the structure of oxides as a fundamental quantum-chemical property that ensures their continuous activity. For the first time, experimentally, a macro-scale process flow and its quantum nature are proven using a wide range of tools. The mechanism, features of the chemical structure of electron-hole components, and their role in the formation
more » ... of catalytic properties have been extensively studied. The application of these new principles for the creation of highly efficient catalysts, energy generation and energy storage devices has been evaluated.</p>
doi:10.26434/chemrxiv.14755380.v1 fatcat:hqekz7c26rblboeihtebxmznry