Advanced IT-Based Future Sustainable Computing (2017–2018)

Jong Hyuk Park
2019 Sustainability  
Future Sustainability Computing (FSC) is an emerging concept that holds various types of paradigms, rules, procedures, and policies to support breadth and length of the deployment of Information Technology (IT) for abundant life. However, advanced IT-based FCS is facing several sustainability problems in different information processing and computing environments. Solutions to these problems can call upon various computational and algorithmic frameworks that employ optimization, integration,
more » ... eration, and utilization technique within cloud, mobile, and cluster computing, such as meta-heuristics, decision support systems, prediction and control, dynamical systems, machine learning, and so on. Therefore, this special issue deals with various software and hardware design, novel architectures and frameworks, specific mathematical models, and efficient modeling-simulation for advance IT-based FCS. We accepted eighteen articles in the six different IT dimensions: machine learning, blockchain, optimized resource provision, communication network, IT governance, and information security. All accepted articles contribute to the applications and research in the FCS, such as software and information processing, cloud storage organization, smart devices, efficient algorithmic information processing and distribution.
doi:10.3390/su11082264 fatcat:664e3ar3fbe57ci2l6ioyxezuq