Formation of nickel tetradehydrocorrins and porphins from linear tetrapyrroles of varied oxidation level

I. D. Dicker, D. Dolphin, R. Grigg, A. W. Johnson
1967 Chemical Communications (London)  
WE have shown that the ,8-octa-alkyl substituted linear tetrapyrrolic derivatives of I-bromo-I,19dideoxy-19-methylbiladiene-ac dihydrobromides (I; X = Br) can be cyclised to porphins when thev are heated in o-dichlorobenzene 1 ,2 or even. in certain cases, kept in dimethyl sulphoxide and pyridine a t room temperature. 2 The same 1,19dideoxybiladiene-ac salts (I; X = Br) can also be cyclised to I-methyltetradehydrocorrin nickel complexes (II) when they are trea ted ,vith a base in presence of nickel ions in the absence of air.3
doi:10.1039/c19670000560 fatcat:4jaykmr7knculbytopgij5hjli