Patients experience of viewing time-lapse sequences: A prospective survey study

Annika Blomquis, Raghad Samir, Ann-Britt Engström, Staffan Nilsson, Anna-Karin Lind, Göran Westlander, Sophie Larsson, Thorir Hardarson, Julius Hreinsson, Julius Hreinsson
A majority of the patients found viewing the sequences to be a relevant and important aspect of their treatments. Patients felt increased participation in, and increased satisfaction with the treatment. There was a clear interest in obtaining a copy of the time-lapse sequence but only if the treatment resulted in a pregnancy. If time-lapse technology is available in a clinic it could be an additive value to share the sequences with the patients as deepened information about their treatment. If
more » ... heir treatment. If a copy of the sequences is made available to the patients we recommend to delay the time for that at least until there is a verified ongoing pregnancy. Abstract