A Focused Telephonic Nursing Intervention Delivers Improved Adherence to A1c Testing

Patty M. Orr, Matthew A. McGinnis, Laurel R. Hudson, Sadie S. Coberley, Albert Crawford, Janice L. Clarke, Neil I. Goldfarb
2006 Disease Management  
Compliance with hemoglobin A1c (A1c) testing is suboptimal despite the clear national recommendations and guidelines established for care of patients with diabetes. Recent studies have demonstrated a relationship between participation in a diabetes disease management (DM) program and improved adherence to A1c testing. A focused intervention study was initiated to investigate the ability of a DM program to drive improvement in A1c testing. A cohort of 36,327 members experienced a statistically
more » ... d a statistically significant increase (29%) in A1c testing while participating in the 6-month focused intervention. This finding demonstrated that a focused DM intervention is able to deliver improvement in a clinical process metric critical for managing patients with diabetes, thereby reducing their risk of disease exacerbation. (Disease Management 2006;9:277-283) 277
doi:10.1089/dis.2006.9.277 pmid:17044761 fatcat:seosuc33dndzflrbscwumpsrsi