Studies on fish roe lectins: Distribution, purification and characterization

Masahiro Hosono, Hiroaki Kawauchi, Kazuo Nitta, Yoshio Takayanagi, Hiromi Shiokawa, Reiko Mineki, Kimie Murayama
We have examined the existence of lectin activity in saline-extracted fractions of fish roe. Cell agglutination was observed in 13 of 19 fish species (68%), especially in Cypriniformes and Salmoniformes. A rhamnose-binding lectin was isolated from Osmerus eperlanus mordax (Olive rainbow smelt, Osmeridae, Salmoniformes) roe by affinity chromatography and ion-exchange chromatography. This lectin, termed OML, agglutinated rabbit and human ABO blood group erythrocytes and sarcoma 180 murine tumor
more » ... lls. OML-induced hemagglutination was OML was estimated to be 26 kDa on sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis under reducing condition. The N-terminal 29 amino acid sequence of OML was determined as follows; VTTDIXEGQQATLNXGSSVINVVSANYGR (X: not determined).
doi:10.2198/sbk.37.109 fatcat:32wz5yghnfglvajqxia7t7r3qa