An Analytical Test Case For Dust Dynamics During A Shock-Wave Passage

Lars Mattsson
2016 Zenodo  
An exact solution of a forced Burgers' equation representing the dynamics of a "dust fluid" in a one-dimensional flow is presented. The test case considered starts with a steady (time independent) two-fluid flow in one dimension, where the two fluid components represent gas and dust. It is then assumed that a shock wave travels through the gas at a constant speed and without radiative energy losses and diffusion. Then, adopting a constant stopping time for the dust particles in the dust fluid
more » ... ono-dispersed grain sizes), the equation of motion for the dust fluid can be transformed into a simple ordinary differential equation, which is satisfied by the Wright omega function. Implications for the formation of detached shells around carbon stars are briefly discussed.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.61415 fatcat:ueyato3pkzdzhjoruwnebgwf7e