Methods Assessment for a Sustainable Preparation of the Animal Fat Samples from Dairy Matrix for 1H-NMR Analysis Used to Check Dairy Products Conformity

Claudiu Daniel Utoiu, National Institute of Research And Development for Food Bioresources – IBA Bucharest, Fulvia Ancuța Manolache, Valentin Ionescu, Floarea Serbancea, Maria Cristina Todasca, National Research, Development Institute for Food Bioresources – IBA Bucharest, National Institute of Research and Development for Food Bioresources – IBA Bucharest, National Research and Development Institute for Food Bioresources – IBA Bucharest, University "Politehnica" of Bucharest
2018 International Journal of Innovative Approaches in Agricultural Research  
In the context of globalization and the free movement of foodstuffs, conformity assessment has become a condition for detecting fraud affecting their quality. Therefore, fast and reliable methods of analysis are mandatory. NMR proved that can provide a fatty acid profile that characterizes the apolar matrix. Sample preparation is a very important step that influences the results. Any used method should have none to minimum impact in the profile of the NMR spectrum. The study was carried out to
more » ... xamine the influence of fat sample preparation in 1H-NMR analyses. Four methods were assessed to obtain necessary fat. We included the referential ISO 17189:2003 in this investigation in order to have a base in comparison of the results. This standard is used to calculate total fat content from butter and it is quite complex in terms of sample preparation. Only the part regarding fat separation and extraction was used. The other variants were centrifugation, direct extraction via phases destabilizing and fat drying by high temperature. Butter was produced in pilot plant by churning commercial 30% fat cream. 1H-NMR spectra were obtained using a Bruker 400 MHz spectrometer. Sustainability, economical approach and environmental factors were the most important criteria followed to choose the right method. No important differences in the fatty acids profile of the butter fat extract were observed in NMR spectra, this conclusion offer the base of using phase destabilisation as a preparation method for this type of analyse.
doi:10.29329/ijiaar.2018.174.3 fatcat:7y7sul6e5jf5rjut4aowemgqiq