The relationship between levels of personal economic returns and education indicators

2020 International Journal of Social Sciences and Education Research  
This research aimed to examine the relationship between the educational indicators and the level of personal economic returns for Niger, Turkey, and France. In this study, a systematic review design, in which we compared three countries' data and examined the relationship between education indicators and personal economic returns level. There was a very strong correlation between literacy population, mean years of schooling, and educational expenditure, and a modest relationship between
more » ... hip between population growth rate and the level of personal economic returns, according to the findings of the study. The first predictor was the mean years of schooling and the second predictor was the educational expenditure. The relationship between them and the level of personal economic returns was positive and significant. 559 educational indicators (literacy rate, population growth rate, educational expenditure, and mean years of schooling) and rate of personal economic return (GNP per capita) according to the indices of growth. This includes a focus on the questionable educational indicators. And secondly, we are going to use these insights to draw attention to the contradictory spaces of the various educational systems and the indices of Niger, Turkey, and France for development (As underdeveloped, developing, and developed countries respectively). We have searched for the answers to the following questions within this overall aim:
doi:10.24289/ijsser.811985 fatcat:etpjdvltyfdmvenqg7kzbvoide