1-163 NEOTROPICAL PRIMATES A Journal of the Neotropical Section of the IUCN

Erwin Palacios, Liliana Cortés-Ortiz, Júlio César, Bicca-Marques Heymann, Jessica Alfaro, Anita News, Book Reviews, Brenda Solórzano, Ernesto Rodríguez-Luna, Psg Chairman, Russell Mittermeier, Laura (+25 others)
2014 Neotropical Primates A Journal   unpublished
Scope The journal/newsletter aims to provide a basis for conservation information relating to the primates of the Neotropics. We welcome texts on any aspect of primate conservation, including articles, thesis abstracts, news items, recent events, recent publications, primatological society information and suchlike. Submissions Please send all English and Spanish contributions to: These manuscripts are usually reviewed only by the editors. A broader range of topics is encouraged, including such
more » ... ed, including such as behavioral research, in the interests of informing on general research activities that contribute to our understanding of platyrrhines. We encourage reports on projects and conservation and research programs (who, what, where, when, why, etc.) and most particularly information on geographical distributions, locality records, and protected areas and the primates that occur in them. Text should be typewritten, double-spaced with no less than 12 cpi (preferably Times New Roman) font and 3-cm margins throughout, and should not exceed 12 pages in length (including references). Figures and maps. Articles may include small black-and-white photographs, high-quality figures, and high-quality maps. (Resolution: 300 dpi. Column widths: one-column = 8-cm wide; two-columns = 17-cm wide). Please keep these to a minimum. We stress the importance of providing maps that are publishable. Tables. Tables should be double-spaced, using font size 10, and prepared with MS Word. Each table should have a brief title. News items. Please send us information on projects, field sites, courses, Thesis or Dissertations recently defended, recent publications, awards, events, activities of Primate Societies, etc. References. Examples of house style may be found throughout this journal. In-text citations should be first ordered chronologically and then in alphabetical order.