Romans 1 by 1 v.1.1 New developments in the study of Roman population

Rada Varga
The proposed paper documents Romans 1by1, a population database working on Roman-era inscriptions. The database architecture is built for accommodating all categories of people attested epigraphically. Besides the structure, we will present the difficulties faced and questions raised when expanding and diversifying the metadata, as well as the solutions we opted for and our motivation(s) in doing so. The last section of the presentation will focus on some applications of the database. The most
more » ... database. The most obvious ones, which were the focus of our interest so far as well, refer to prosopographical reconstructions (linking people which have not been linked/identified as the same person throughout more inscriptions and reconstructing relatively fluent life courses) and network analyses.
doi:10.11588/dco.2017.0.35822 fatcat:fuprxfb5qnezzjvzdicv42ronu