‹zole Mukozal Larengeal Kandidiazis: Olgu Sunumu Türk Otolarengoloji Arflivi Turkish Archives of Otolaryngology

Kubilay Metin, Sema Baflak, Gökhan Erpek, Adnan Menderes, Üniversitesi T›p, Fakültesi Kulak, Burun Bo¤az, Anabilim Dal›, Ayd›n, Nil Çulhac›, Adnan Menderes, Üniversitesi T›p (+12 others)
Isolated laryngeal mucosal candidiasis: a case report The candida infection may settle in the larynx by the degener-ation of the protective mucosal barrier. In this study, the case discussed with a review on the literature, is 71 years old, mentally ill, at a low socioeconomic level, have been addicted to antibiotic use, heavy smoker for a long time and diagnosed with isolated mucosal laryngeal candidiasis. Early diagnosis and treatment prevented the systemic spread while taking the infection
more » ... ing the infection under control in a short time. Voice therapy is necessary during or after primary treatment of the definitely diagnosed cases.