Modification of cathodic arc deposition profiles by magnetic multicusps

S. Anders, R.G. MacGill, S. Raoux, I.G. Brown
Proceedings of 17th International Symposium on Discharges and Electrical Insulation in Vacuum  
The deposition profile of a cathodic arc plasma source with and without magnetic macroparticle filter has been measured using a deposition probe technique. It has been found that the profile is close to a Gaussian and that the width of the profile depends on the cathode material It was found that the dependence on the cathode material leads to a , considerable radial variation of the elemental composition of the film when an alloy cathode is used. A magnetic multicusp field (magnetic bucket)
more » ... magnetic bucket) near the exit of the plasma source or the magnetic filter was applied to flatten and homogenize the deposition profile.
doi:10.1109/deiv.1996.545496 fatcat:k2n5pitjvfakdg2wtg33zfitwe