Composition of Products of Birch Wood Delignification by Hydrogen Peroxide in the Medium oeAcetic Acid $ Water $ Catalyst TiO2B
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Natalia V. Garyntseva, Irina G. Sudakova, Alexander A. Kondrasenko, Andrei M. Skripnikov, Boris N. Kuznetsov, Oxana P. Taran, Vladimir E. Agabekov
2015 Journal of Siberian Federal University Chemistry  
The composition and structure of the solid and soluble products of birch wood delignification by H 2 O 2 in the presence of TiO 2 catalyst were studied. The efficient delignification of wood proceeds at 100 °C and atmospheric pressure. The obtained microcrystalline cellulose (yield 48.2% mass.), has crystallinity index 0.81 and contain 93.7% mass. cellulose, 5.5% mass. hemicelluloses and 0.5% mass. lignin. Soluble products of birch wood peroxide delignification are mainly presented by
more » ... sented by 4-O-methylglucuronoxylan (84% rel.), monosaccharides and they contain very few aromatic compounds.
doi:10.17516/1998-2836-2015-8-3-450-464 fatcat:z7onatnl5fffvdoy72gyfdzate