Computer aspect of interdisciplinary research in philosophy of education and computer science

Julia Petrova, Olga Vasichkina, S. Cindori, A.M.M. Mostafa, E.Yu. Malushko, T.V. Deryugina, A.A. Mokhov
2021 SHS Web of Conferences  
A large-scale global study of events both within and between disciplines provides strong evidence that leading thinkers have begun to introduce new ways of thinking to the point that most academic disciplines have undergone major paradigm changes throughout the twentieth century, according to Guidley. Increasingly, over the past forty years, we can see significant changes, if not in all, then in the main scientific disciplines. New ways of thinking have appeared in almost all disciplines. With
more » ... he help of interdisciplinary approaches, a movement has emerged to integrate knowledge, moving beyond the fragmentation of knowledge related to disciplinary specialization. Computer technologies and computer concepts have penetrated almost all areas of academic research. These events can be considered as the implementation of new ways of thinking and new models of knowledge, respectively, and may be edges of the evolution of consciousness, in which computer technologies occupy a significant place. Education and communication in the age of globalization and computerization are an obvious necessity for the continued existence of society.
doi:10.1051/shsconf/202110901029 fatcat:kgqeqt4z3nc2zbpnjnjqqmhc2a